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 Cash Flow Tab

The Cash Flow screen allows you to see potential cash flows and equity buildup from your structured deal based on a few variable conditions. Go to the Cash Flow screen by clicking on the Cash Flow tab. At the top of the Cash Flow screen is the Select An Offer panel. Within this panel is a drop down box containing all selected offers. Choose one as the target for cash flow analysis.

After the offer has been chosen, you can select from a number of annual adjustments which affect the cash flow and / or equity build up. These adjustments include the following:

bulletRent Increase % - The percentage per year rent is increased.
bulletProperty Appreciation % - The percentage per year the property grows in value
bulletExpenses Increase % - The percentage per year your overall expenses increase (includes all values in the Net Operating Income panel that decrease the rental amount to derive the Basic NOI amount).
bulletMonthly Mortgage Pre-Payment Amount - The amount of additional principal paid off each month. This amount is split equally between all financiers.

The final value to enter before generating the cash flow report is the number of years you wish to view. The number of years defaults to 10 but you can enter any positive integer value.

Clicking on the Generate Cash Flow button fills in the Projected Cash Flow table with one row per year. Once the cash flow report has been generated, you can print it. Please note that the expenses used within the Cash Flow report are derived from the current expenses defined on the Net Operating Income screen. See Figure 9 for an example of the Cash Flow screen.

Figure 9: Cash Flow Screen

Saving and Loading Offers

You can save generated offers including the Net Operating Income values by selecting File->Save on the Real Estate Offer Generator main form. You can load existing offers by selecting File->Load on the Offer Calculator main form.


Step One: Computing Your Net Operating Income


Step 2: Computing Your Offers


Step 3: Generating Your Offer Letter

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