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Step 3: Generating Your Offer Letter

Select the Chosen Offers tab. In the top panel labeled Chosen Offers you can view all the offers you have saved. By default all offers are checked. If you wish to delete one or more offers, uncheck the offer by clicking on it and click on the Delete Unchecked Offers button. After you confirm the deletion of the offers, they are removed from the Chosen Offers panel.

The first step in generating an offer letter based on your chosen offers is to setup an offer letter template. To do this click on the Edit Offer Letter Template button. The dialog box in Figure 7 appears.

Figure 7: Offer Letter Template


The Offer Letter Template consists of a Header and Footer. The header normally consists of your salutation and the footer consists of your closing. If you already have created an offer letter template, you can load it from disk by selecting File->Load from File from the Offer Letter Template menu. Likewise after you create an offer letter template, you can store it to disk by selecting File->Save. Once you are satisfied with your template click on the Save button.

Now it is time to generate your offer letter. Make sure you have your desired offers selected within the Chosen Offers panel and click on the Create Offer Letter button. Your offer letter appears within the Offer Letter panel. You can then choose to print it, save it to disk, or copy it to the clipboard for pasting it into another editor (such as Microsoft Word) for enhancement. See Figure 8 for an example of a generated offer letter.

Figure 8: Initial Offer Letter


Step One: Computing Your Net Operating Income


Step 2: Computing Your Offers


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