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Important Steps to Take When Relocating to Wimbledon

When you start planning for that house relocation to Wimbledon you have been saving for so long, you should be fully prepared for any challenge you are about to face. You want the smoothest home removal; you want the best and swiftest move you can make. And all that requires a good moving checklist. Make sure you are ready with one before you call the man and van company, because it might take a while. As you well know, relocation plans should be made at least two months prior to the actual move, so if you are planning on going through with it, now is the time to start and cover all the grounds before you set foot on Wimbledon and call it home.

Two Months Before Moving Day

  • Set a moving day. This is underlined important as the whole planning revolves around knowing exactly when you will go to Wimbledon to stay. Choose a date and do not change it under any circumstances, it needs to be the only constant in the list.
  • Look for a man with a van company. Start researching. Choosing a good team man and van removals Wimbledon takes time, so you should start looking early and be ready to make the choice when the time demands it. Make sure the man and van Wimbledon is reputable.
  • Inform all relevant parties. Call your boss, you doctor, your utility service providers, the post office and all other relevant parties to inform them about the house relocation.
  • Go to the bank. If Wimbledon has no branches of the bank you are using at your current location, then you need to transfer accounts to a bank that is local. Make sure you inform yourself all about account transfer and how it should go.

One Month Before Moving Day

  • Pick a man and van company. It’s time you made that choice. If you have set your heart on specific man and van service, then go to them and book with the company. Give them the moving date and make sure that they are free on that exact day.


  • Start packing. You do not want to go to Wimbledon unprepared. After all, it is a city of sports and everyone there goes 100% prepared, so you should be too. Start packing early and you can initiate that by gathering all the essentials for packing – moving boxes, bubble wrap, and other packing supplies. After that begin with the task and start with the non-essentials. You should de-clutter first to downsize and then make the packing easier. In this way you increase the chance of using a man with van instead of a full team of movers.



  • Get any and all documents sorted out. If you need any permits, passports, ID issuing done, then do it now, or at least check out how fast it can be done so that it does not delay you later.

One Week Before Moving Day

  • Call all relevant parties to confirm the moving date. Call your utility services, the service providers, the post office, and the man and van service to make sure they all knows you are going to Wimbledon in a week.


  • Speaking of parties, say goodbye to all friends and neighbours in the area with a goodbye party! Have some fun before the stressful move, just make sure it’s not on moving day.



Moving Day


  • Pack all essentials before the man and van team get to your place.


  • When the man with a van company comes, help them load your items and make sure you have double checked everything.



  • Move safely!

And this is how your move should go. It is not hard, you just have to be thorough and make sure that you are prepared for all potential situations that might arise. But with such a thorough plan what could really go wrong?